Soul Energy

Just back from the IHC in Khandala ….met so many interesting people, heard new songs and stories, danced to African rhythms, went birdwatching for the first time in my life, with some serious birdwatchers, heavy-duty binoculars and an equally heavy catalogue.  I actually identified a couple of them including an incandescent turquoise Kingfisher (Sumeet will remember its precise name).

Was very happy to see more people talking about connecting with the social context of some of the issues that come up in our homeschooling journey, seeing that Right to Education really means meaningful education and not merely school admission, and connecting with the majority of children and youth who are learning through life (out-of-school) and seeing that public institutions including NIOS are open for them as well as for those who opt for homeschooling by choice. 

Over the five days we had time for substantial sessions as well as informal discussions, which sometimes grew into sessions, even at the eleventh hour.

Shall leave it to others to write in detail.   Suffice it to say there was inspiration, camaraderie, and maybe a bit more excitement than we ought to have had … but all’s well that ends well.  The point to keep in mind is to be vigilant and have adequate safety precautions in any outing that we take as a group.


Some quotable quotes:

“The reason we are best suited to teach our children is that we are willing to learn from them.” – Leela Sodhi

छुटियाँ के दिन, एक अच्छी सी किताब।  कोई लाके मुझे दे  — उत्पला शुक्ल  & अंशु मालवीय

“Once there was this homeschooler who went to school.  He was so smart that when the teacher wiped the board, he rubbed his notes.”  – Ravi Almeida

अगर नहीं संपते तो मत सुनो मगर बच्चों को रोकना  नहीं  -उत्पला शुक्ल

There was a reason I titled this post “Soul Energy.”  Too tired to think and write now.  Shall sleep on it and hope others write more.

Meanwhile I will just share a few photographs.

On the bus from Mumbai to Khandala!  

“Grow Your Own Food” session: kids plant seeds.



Small group discussions sprouted up on the lawn and around the campus.

Small group discussions sprouted up on the lawn and around the campus.






Manish Jain demonstrates “Toys from Trash”

Deepak Dalal signs books after his presentation.

“Play for Peace” Co-operative Games by Pradnya K




Last Year’s write-up:  Conference experience

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