Books We Love <3

Always a good time to revisit this list 🙂

Jigyasu George

Using this space to track the books we’ve both loved.. to read, re-read, and talk about at random.

Ones that have made us think, and have resonated with each of us at same and different levels…

Ones that were just plain fun..

Ones you’ve asked for again and again

in no particular order here




51mJPgfOj6L  keats-k32-gogglesNala_and_Simba_by_Squiddisendakoutsidecomet

Dr. Seuss is a favorite these days.The Lorax was a fun surprise! A creative, rhyming mouthful. A rather simplistic, yet not far from accurate, fictionalization of the ecological impacts of industrialization. You would think that’s a heavy topic for a 3-year old, but not when Dr. Seuss speaks through the words of the lifted Lorax. Mommy warns: skip the several animated movie versions and stick with the book. Unfortunately and quite ironically, it appears the concept of the Lorax has been excessively corporatized by all that animation, in conflict with the message of the book.

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