People sometimes say things that move us to lift up our torch and carry the flame.
I am collecting some of these here to serve as sources of light in times of darkness.

– Aravinda

As I see it, good writing skills are the fruit of the plant. A plant doesn’t produce great tomatoes by practicing making beginner tomatoes as it is building its root system and putting out its first true leaves. It produces great tomatoes by putting its energy into growing strong and healthy roots, shoots and leaves. The great tomatoes will show up at harvest time.

– Miranda Hughes, “Growing a Writer”

‘We need to educate more people in basic skills. But not skills which are neutral. Learning is never neutral. You can learn how to read to follow directions or you can learn how to read to spy out hypocrisy. The role of the teacher is to teach the importance of saying “No”.

Jonathan Kozol, quoted in Learning To Say ‘no’
new internationalist 122 [image, unknown] April 1983

“Those who fight a battle of whatever kind against a powerful foe often find that one of the most effective strategies is to steal into the weapons warehouse of those who hold the reins of power and obtain their ammunition there.  These words of people such as Woodrow Wilson represent precisely the kind of ammunition that I have in mind.”

– Jonathon Kozol, On Being a Teacher.

If a child starts to act up, I have learned to ask myself: “How have I failed this child? What is it about this lesson that is leaving her outside the learning? How can I adapt my plan to engage this child?” I stopped blaming my children.

– Donna Marriott, quoted by Alfie Kohn in “Almost There

For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.

– Albert Einstein | See also Einstein’s quotes on Education

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

– Nietzsche

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