On Being Guided

 O n   B e i n g   G u i d e d



Let us consider the experience of being guided, and ask ourselves: what does this experience consist in when for instance our course is guided?


Imagine the following cases:


You are in a playing field with your eyes bandaged, and someone leads you by the hand, sometimes left, sometimes right; you have constantly to be ready for the tug of his hand, and must also take care not to stumble when he gives an unexpected tug.


Or again: someone leads you by the hand where you are unwilling to go, by force.


Or: you are guided by a partner in a dance; you make yourself as receptive as possible, in order to guess his intention and obey the slightest pressure.


Or: someone takes you for a walk; you are having a conversation; you go wherever he does.


Or: you walk along a field-track, simply following it.


Ludwig Wittgenstein: On Being Guided  

from Philosophical Investigations, § 72